About Saral Vaastu

Vision of Saral Vaastu
To deliver and implement Saral Vaastu to bring in "POSITIVE AURA & ENERGY" across the globe where by millions of people can be benefited in their personal and work life.
objective of Saral Vaastu
To propagate the Principle of saral Vaastu through out the World for happy contented and prosperous living.
Half a Million Beneficiaries across Globe including corporate clients 

Science is understood through facts and facts relate to truth. Our ancient Indian Sciences eg. Horoscope creation , Palmistry or Palm reading, Face reading , Naadi Sastra, Vastu , jyotish vidya etc are all based upon proven facts that have shown sustentative or substantial results , if followed properly. But the fact is, often the results are not totally on the positive side, as they cater to suit individual needs . SARAL VASTU on the other hand is based upon the prediction of an individual’s as well as his family’s destiny through a thorough appraisal of a person’s Home, Workplace as well as the House Plan documents.

It would be prudent to understand at the beginning what exactly is the concept of Saral Vastu and how is it different from Generic Vaastu. Saral Vaastu as the adjective suggests , is an easy, redefined version of the ancient Vaastu Sastra that could be totally applied to our modern designs of architecture. Its uniqueness lies upon offering accurate scientific solutions though the application of various “Algorithms”.It is definitely not related to Generic Vaastu principles.

A metamorphic change would be visible in the form of immense prosperity and richness that would be obtainable , even with a onetime application of Saral Vaastu’s universally acceptable principles and would prove immensely beneficial to an individual’s three generations in the future. The solution could be applied to a person’s own or rented premises.

Let us now observe how Saral Vaastu works. It is not at all based on the concept of Birth or Death. On the contrary it helps an individual and his family to have a happy, prosperous and satisfied life throughout his life until death. Vaastu Sastra in its ancient form would be quite undecipherable, not totally understood by the common people or appealing to their sense and sensibilities. Saral Vastu completely relates to the common people like us and the problems faced by us in our day to day life. Common problems like Education, Career, Marriage, Relationships , our health, maintaining and increasing our wealth, earning name and fame in the society, maintaining our status, affect us all. The Simplistic Scientific approach of Saral Vaastu in the perfect panacea and cure to all such problems and maladies that could have severe repercussions on our mind, soul and body would be done away with the application of Saral Vaastu in our day to day life and in the life of our near and dear ones. The Divine Knowledge of Saral Vaastu revealed to our GURUJI, DR. Shree Chandrashekhar would be of immense help to mankind and to individuals who would be able to deal with all the problems of their lives by inculcating and enhancing the three factors, that influences Earth Luck OR how to use the earth to our advantage.

We should now understand the three factors that govern an individual’s Earth Luck

Energy: Saral Vaastu helps to enhance our Body’s Positive Energy Source through the driving away of our body’s Negative Energy source.

Direction: Everyone possesses four favorable and four unfavorable Directions which influences our lives on a daily basis, every minute and its every second. When we follow the favorable Directions, the frequency between our inner and outer energy levels, seeks to enhances our Positive Aura. For example, if the main door of your house or workplace is in an unfavorable Direction, we are likely to face frequent problems that may affect our progress substantially. Saral Vaastu helps us to know our four most favorable and unfavorable directions, that we can practice and follow in our daily lives in order to channelize our positive energy so as to rejuvenate our 7 CHAKRAS.

The Seven Chakras: When the human beings are surrounded by Positive Energy and they follow their favorable Directions, the 7 Chakras are channelized and charged for continuous happy living.

We, as human beings, face problems as we are totally unaware about the knowledge of the seven chakras, so we don’t make any effort in harnessing the energy of the seven chakras. Here our Saral Vaastu Experts Team comes in handy to identify the specific problems stated as above and generally related to our health, wealth , relationships , education , career and other myriad problems afflicting us in our stressful lives of the contemporary world of today. Our destiny chart of the present, past and the future can be predicted through the critical analysis of our House Plan and our Date Of Birth. Even if an individual doesn’t accept our accurate predictions then the same is taken up as an escalation by our revered Dr. Chandrasekhar Guruji , who challengingly takes up the case study for Research and Analysis, under his wing. To sum it up , Saral Vaastu is a very simple , totally unique scientific solution based upon facts , without any alterations Concept that can be adaptable in every facet of our homes and workplaces, influencing the life of every single member of the family . Definite Good Results are assured within 7 to 180 days of the inculcation and implementation of the Saral Vaastu Solution .
  • Sahasrara
  • Ajna
  • Vishudha
  • Anahata

    The HEART CHAKRA is situated in the heart region. If our ANAHATA CHAKRA is not activated, it could lead to heart diseases, diseases of the Immune System for eg.- AIDS and ME ( Myalgia, Encephalomyelitis- sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and many other deficiencies of the Immune System, Allergies, Cancer of the Breast etc.

  • Manipura
  • Swadishthana
  • Mooladhara

Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji

Dr.Chandrasekhar Guruji armed with a Civil Engineering , is credited with the invention of the unique concept of SARAL VAASTU. He brought into this world , the immense benefits derived from the study of the Science of Vaastu Shastra , out in the open, to be comprehended by all, with the sole persistent desire to serve mankind. Guruji started his professional career as a civil engineer in the booming construction industry sector of Navi Mumbai.


During the course of his career , he was quick to recognize and realize that the overwhelming dreams and visions that he has been frequently getting were a precursor to a new life of extraordinary metamorphism that manifested in his life, in the shape of an everlasting Enlightenment, emphasizing the importance of an individual’s Karma ( personal luck) and Vastu (Earth related Luck) related to a person’s own residential or business premises. Sooner than expected, he invented a modified format of the application and usage of his extensive scientific research to be amalgamated with the presently practiced Vaastu Norms. Ever since the year 2000, he has utilized his expertise to bring about a drastic change in the life and environment of people from all facets of life, through the implementation of his simple scientific solution , named aptly SARAL VAASTU.

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C G Parivar

Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji laid the foundation for CG PARIVAR , a Private Limited Company in the year 2002, to spread happiness globally. He started sharing his knowledge with more than 350 of his disciples and followers, worldwide. All associated with this noble venture are today working for a common objective, ie the betterment of mankind, through 700 offices, present worldwide for universal reach and solidarity in the field of Vaastu Sastra or Vaastu Science.


C G Parivar Foundation & Research centre

CG PARIVAR FOUNDATION & RESEARCH CENTRE was incorporated in the year 2010. The main objective and vision of Shri Dr Chandrashekhar Guruji, is to provide state of the art Residential Educational Facilty for the poor, malnourished and orphaned children of the States of Karnataka & Maharashtra , entirely Free of Cost , based on his own philanthropic bend of mind and attitude.


How do we work ?

  • We analyze your Dwelling/Workplace Plan with regard to your Birth Date
  • Based on the analysis, we predict the Specific Problems that you are facing in your Life
  • You will be surprised to see our accurate diagnosis, then you may think to avail our Services
  • We give scientific solutions to the problems faced by you and your family members
  • We assure the result within 3 - 8 months after implementing our services
  • We do monthly follow-up for 6 months


To attain prosperity, all 5 crucial influencing factors (Health, Education, Work, Wealth & Relationship) should be harmonized. Personal luck is one influencing factor which will be either positive or negative however “Saral Vaastu” concept influences all the 5 elements by enhancing personal luck and negates all negative factor and enhances overall positive growth.

The Unique Proposition is dependant on Date of Birth and the concept can be adopted with simple solution advocated by our experts. The solution can be adopted by any religion or race and does’nt have any religion elements in it.


Guruji's five principles


Our Services in different verticals

  • Hotels

    The trusted leader since 2001...

    The unique scientific concept of Saral Vaastu is receiving a phenomenal response across India and also overseas.

    According to Saral Vaastu , All directions are very important and every individual has four favourable and four unfavourable Vaastu directions.The Holy Scriptures say “You do not find the truth, but the truth finds you.” Individual’s Karma (personal luck) and Vaastu (earth luck) which is associated with a person’s residential or business premises operates as positive and negative energy in house as well as in workplace.

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  • corporate

    workplace according to vastu shastra.

    To ensure bountiful output, good profit and efficiency in work, many people design their workplace according to vastu shastra. Following vaasthu remedies for office ensures that its employees will work efficiently, which in turn would prove to be beneficial for the company. Vastu principles for offices takes into consideration many factors, which include the most appropriate location for the workplace, office exteriors in terms of its slope, shape etc, direction in which different departments of the office and the reception should be located, positioning of various electronic gadgets etc. In the following lines, we have given few vastu tips, which would be handy, to construct an office.

  • hospital

    Vastu can be of great help

    A hospital needs a lot of positive energy and careful planning, according to Vastu recommendations. People nurture high hopes of getting back to their normal health by defeating fatal ailments, when they undergo treatment in a hospital.

    Vastu advice for hospitals is based on the study of different factors, like the proper location of hospital, hospital exteriors, location of operation theaters, emergency ward, placement of beds for the patients, and so on. This article brings to you some highly recommended Vastu tips for hospitals, to be successful and meet people�s expectations. Read on to know the preferred Vastu advice and setting for hospitals.

  • industries

    General Vastu Shastra Tips for Office Setup:

    Vastu guidelines for industries like selection of plot, position of electronic gadgets, location of guardroom, staff quarters, pantry, administrative area, color scheme of the industry, placement of raw materials and many more.

Redefined Vaastu Shastra

A Scholar of Civil Engineering and Doctorate in Cosmic Architecture
Recipient of 16+ prestigious National and International awards
Delivered more than 2000+ seminars

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Saral Vaastu Advice


Saral Vaastu for Home

Every family wishes to have a good health, wealth, children education, marriage, and good career. Some families are getting good health but not wealth. Some families are getting good wealth but not health. Some families are facing children education problem. Some families are facing marriage problems. Some families are facing children career growth. Some families are having wealth and good health but relationship problems. Some families are having lots of money but no peace.


Saral Vaastu for Health

Every house has different sections like health sections. If health section is affected health problem arise and sometime it leads to major health surgery also. Again placing of kitchen, toilet and bathroom also plays vital role. If any health related problems in that house. Dr. Shri chandrashekar guruji invented unique science called saral Vaastu has a scientific solutions.


Saral Vaastu for Wealth

Everyone wants to live a happy life and wish to have a name and fame in the society. For this wealth place a vital role in spam of life. 99.99% of people put a more hard works and efforts for making money. Instead of hard works and efforts they are not making the money why?. It’s a big question for the society. According to guruji there are two categories for fail to make a money.


Saral Vaastu for Career

Everyone is thinking about growth in their business or Job. Some people achieve what they want. But some are not. The reason is: Loss in business.
Least business
Relationship problems in workplace with co -workers
Always in debits
Losing name and fame in business


Saral Vaastu for Relationship

The positive energy goes into the body, the seven chakras will be charge. Automatically the relationship between both of them will very good. If they are sleeping in bad directions seven chakra will negatively charge. Automatically it affects the relationship between them. It leads to very worst situation also.


Saral Vaastu for workplace

Every workplace like hotels, offices, theatre, Mall etc having different sections like wealth, name & fame, relationship, creativity, career growth etc. If any of these sections affected then concern problems arises automatically comes under financial loss.


Saral Vaastu for Marriage

Every house has marriage section. If suppose this section will affect. The marriage problem will arise in that house. The placing of bathroom, toilet also plays a vital role in that house in marriage. Anyone facing marriage problem. Dr. Shri chandrashekar guruji invented unique science called saral Vaastu has scientific solutions without breaking or alterations within spam of 7-180 days.


Saral Vaastu for Education

Parents always think about their children education. Children also think about their brighter future. We spending more money and efforts for children education. Some children get through according to their wishes and other getting their wishes or failed. Unless parents blaming their children in case they are not getting good marks. But parents are never thinking that it’s a fault of children or someone else.


Saral Vaastu for Court legal issues

Most of the cases in court and legal issues will be on hold or goes unpredictable. And it’s a big challenge for govt. aswel. The reason behind this is….
a) Divorce
b) Property dispute in between family members
c) Business dispute
d) Criminal cases

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